As the inventor of the bellow, Arno Arnold has extensive knowledge of bellows. It became clear very early on that in situations where a lot of swarf is created, additional protection over the bellows improves their function and durability. We therefore developed additional telescopic sheets, which form a closed cover on the upper surface. They combine the advantages of a bellows, such as impermeability to fluids and dust, with the benefits of a telescopic steel cover, such as protection against hot and sharp swarf.

The telescopic sheets are made from stainless steel and are designed in such a way that they have an effective immediate deflecting effect. Depending on the space available, the sheets can be fitted so that they are movable or fixed in place. As it is particularly important that the metal sheets form a tight seal at the front, we recommend the use of our patented sheet system on the back. These create counterpressure, which means that the telescopic sheets provide a gap-free seal on the side that is exposed to impact from swarf.