Spiral springs are excellent for protecting spindles and shafts from chips, dust and liquids, high temperatures and chemical influences. WMB spirals are distinguished by their reliability and performance as well as low maintenance. They have a good sealing function and therefore provide optimum conditions for safe operations of shafts, columns and spindles.

The conically wound WMB spirals automatically follow the motions of the machine. When installed in the vertical position with the largest diameter at the top, the overlapping coils make our spirals self-cleaning and maintenance-free under normal conditions. When synchronous running decreases, we recommend treating the WMB spirals with our ecological WMB special wet pray oil.

WMB spirals can be installed vertically, horizontally and at an angle. The WMB line of spirals offers over 1500 practice tested versions developed and improved in continuous interaction with users. WMB spirals are produced on patented machines developed by us and which have become the basis for the production process of spirals in the European region. This has provided us with comprehensive experiences in research and advanced development. This experience is being expanded to include the results recorded in our QM system according to DIN ISO 9001 of multiple test procedures regarding the spiral forces, their running characteristics and precision operation. Whether in general system and machine construction of machine tool construction – WMB spirals have proven themselves for over 25 years in daily endurance tests guaranteeing their capability of meeting the requirements of practical operation.