Laser beam guiding bellows

The basis for our laser beam guiding bellows is formed by our homogenous system with materials particularly developed for the laser application where fabric, guides, construction and density are concerned. For these applications we also provide covers for the guide tracks with combined laser beam guiding bellow in a single part design. For many years, the design has proved convincing to many manufacturers.


Medical solutions

Medical Solutions

Covers in the form of bellows or rolling-band covers, e.g. for emergency vehicles, operating tables or bed frame systems.



Linear Guide Bellows

ARNO ARNOLD manufactures linear guide bellows for all the common manufacturers in standard profiles, in every special dimension and geometry. More information available upon request.



Lifting table bellows

For lifting table bellows in assembly lines, we recommend a visual indication of the lifted position by means of the yellow side protection in each fold. All options are available, since these bellows can be provided even for very large dimensions. Thanks to our expertise in materials, we are also able to manufacture the bellows in a flame-retardant, self-extinguishing or practically incombustible design.