The basis is an ARNO ARNOLD bellows. Depending on the requirements and space considerations, the telescopic steel plates are installed with our patented fastening system, either with a jointed construction, or rigidly connected to the bellows under continued pressure by means of special fastening clamps. The telescopic sheets are made of stainless steel, shaped in such a way that they also achieve a strongly stripping effect. Under the Duplet brand name louvers with flexible telescopic sheets, bellows with 3-sided telescopic sheets and box-bellows with surrounding protection can be manufactured.

Since it is extremely important for the front steel plates to close perfectly, the pressure exercised on them can be increased by means the deployment of our system of additional tensioning elements on the rear “Outside-in & Inside-out”. The tensioning elements are mounted by means of our patented toolless QuickStep system. Thanks to the system of telescopic steel sheets on the rear, a counter torque is created in every fold, enabling a seamless pressure on the steel sheets located on the tensioned side. It is even possible to manufacture seamless roof coverings made of bellows with steel sheets.