Being together is decisive, that’s why we place great emphasis on teamwork and know that one person alone is only in control of his part. It is only together that things are realized really successfully. The quest to always achieve better results is an obligation for everyone who is part of our company. The will to achieve something exceptional is, for our employees, an attitude as well as a duty. Our engineers view tasks which appear to have no solution as a special challenge which they tackle with dedication.

We guarantee that our protective cover systems meet the highest demands. Using sophisticated durability tests and specific simulation procedures, we examine, in our test centre, the materials, flexibility, robustness and operation speeds under extreme conditions. We, and of course our customers can therefore be sure that our protective cover systems meet the high demands placed on them in the long-term.

“Made in Germany” is, and remains, a label associated with a high quality standard and reliability and with which German products have made a name for themselves worldwide.

The great care with which we produce our protective cover systems has brought us the reputation of being a business with an exceptionally high level in manufacturing.

Sustainable economic operation with limited resources is, as a responsible business, an important concern and responsibility of ours.

We use the latest production systems and our staff handle materials and machines responsibly. In this way, products are produced which fully do justice, in every way, to the label “Made in Germany”.